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Added: Jun 8th, 2018

Our Investment: 300.00 $

Payout Ratio: 100%

User Votes: 10.0 - 1 Votes

Plans: 1.3% per day for 35 days, 4.2% per day for 30 days, 3.6% per day for 50 days, 4.4% per day for 44 days, 5% per day for 50 days

Minimal Spend: 20

Max Spend: 10000

Referral: 6-3-1%

Windrawal: Automatic

Payment systems: PerfectMoney Payeer Advcash Bitcoin

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Not Paying

Last Paid: Jun-29,2018


We represent the interests of investors in the ICO systems. Which means: there are hundreds, if not thousands of ICO projects out there, and an average user always has one question:What is real in it..? We are sure that most people who want to enter this field of online earnings have little idea about what it is and how to distinguish really worthwhile projects from bubbles. You have to agree that there are a priori no people wanting to end up with nothing, risking their hard-earned money, which means that there are two ways: first means you study gigabytes of data, plunge into the routine study and comparison of strategies, general aspects of work routine, nuances of the organization of each project, read through the White Paper, the Roadmap... a month later you understand that there are more questions than answers, and the industry is a few steps ahead of you. The second way means that you find a broker, trusting them your own funds, in the hope of their decency and foresight in the field they claim to be a professional. Drawbacks are that you are distracted from the process, a human factor of mediation, a little informational flow in your direction, i.e. a lottery. LetТs summarize: you can find a brief set of rules of conduct on the ICO market in our section Library. We hope that this manual will contribute to your development and caution. So, what do we offer you? It's easy Ц we track at least the top 30 ICO projects from around the world, buying a pool of tokens at the starting, so-called Pre-ICO stage, i.e. a private pre-sale to raise funds for the project development.

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