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Added: Nov 21st, 2017

Our Investment: 30.00 $

Payout Ratio: 53%

User Votes: 0.0 - 0 Votes

Plans: 160-180-200 after 20 days

Minimal Spend: $10

Max Spend: Unlimited

Referral: 5%

Windrawal: Instant

Payment systems: PerfectMoney Bitcoin Payeer Acash

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Not Paying

Last Paid: Dec-10,2017


Secure Assets was founded and launched as an investment program of the worldwide independent financial groups with a single objective to invest in the forex market, the futures market or some other investment activities. The program has targeted the growing needs of a diverse private institution clients and individual investors from Asian regions, USA, Canada and Europe. Operated by an experienced team of financial professionals, Secure Assets will be a stable and secured investment program all over the world. Our mission is to provide our members the opportunity of achieving financial freedom via the global financial markets which until now have been open only to the very wealthy. We aim to deliver the most powerful and risk-adjusted investment returns to our investors, achieving outstanding and consistent performance through the quality of our staff and experience.

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