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Added: Oct 28th, 2017

Our Investment: 600.00 $

Payout Ratio: 109%

User Votes: 0.0 - 0 Votes

Plans: 8-10% per day for 15 days, 115-5000% after 7-105 days

Minimal Spend: 10

Max Spend: 50000

Referral: 8-25%

Windrawal: Manual

Payment systems: PerfectMoney Bitcoin Payeer Acash

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Not Paying

Last Paid: Nov-24,2017


The CHARISMA FINANCE project is created by a group of experts in the field of private investment management and cryptocurrency trading. An important advantage of our project is the fact that it uses a well-designed system where every component is geared toward minimizing risks and generating stable profit. The CHARISMA FINANCE traders team is comprised of seasoned veterans whose background speaks for itself. All mistakes novices tend to make we have made long time ago when we only started working in this field using our own savings. But even at that time we had enough good sense to pass through the beginner years without losing too much money. We have learned from our mistakes, built on our first experience, and came up with more effective market strategies. Only when we realized that our expertise in the field is sufficient to protect us from poor decision-making and to find the best course of action even in the most difficult market situations, we have decided to invite individual investors.

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