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Added: Oct 8th, 2017

Our Investment: 30.00 $

Payout Ratio: 40%

User Votes: 0.0 - 0 Votes

Plans: $10-$99.99 - you will receive 1% daily $100-$999.99 - you will receive 2% daily $1000-$9999.99 - you will receive 4% daily $10000 or more - you will receive 8% daily

Minimal Spend: $10

Max Spend: No limits

Referral: No

Windrawal: Automatic

Payment systems: PerfectMoney Bitcoin Payeer Acash

Additional information: whois alexa allhyipmon allhyipmonru 58hyip.com ISP HYIPLogs


Not Paying

Last Paid: Nov-14,2017


Kiribati Invest is a supply of capital belonging to numerous of separate and unrelated investors, a group of individuals or companies used to collectively purchase securities while each investor retains ownership and control of his own shares. By pooling their capital, investors can share costs and benefit from the advantages of investing larger amounts, including the possibility of achieving a broader diversification among a number of different assets and thus spreading their risks. An investment fund provides a broader selection of investment opportunities, greater management expertise and lower investment fees than investors might be able to obtain on their own.

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