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Added: Mar 10th, 2017

Our Investment: 200.00 $

Payout Ratio: 143%

User Votes: 0.0 - 0 Votes

Plans: 0.8%-1% for 20-60 day

Minimal Spend: 1

Max Spend: Unlimited

Referral: 5%

Windrawal: Manual

Payment systems: PerfectMoney Payeer CreditCard Acash

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Not Paying

Last Paid: Nov-14,2017


Want to invest in China's economy, but do not know where to start? Think that you need large sums of money and special skills? Then Macau Industrial Group is just what you need. The company was founded in 2012 and during that time has established itself as a reliable partner, investing in both promising new businesses and large-scale ones that affect the situation in the market. In 2016, the company entered the Russian market and offered attractive investment conditions for Russian investors. Macau Industrial Group offers three investment programs with a profitability of 0.8% to 1% per day, every working day. Experienced traders and diversification of investment allow the company to guarantee investors the specified profit.

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