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Added: Dec 29th, 2016

Our Investment: 60.00 $

Payout Ratio: 248%

User Votes: 20.0 - 3 Votes

Plans: 0.3% hourly forever; 7.5% daily forever; 60% weekly forever

Minimal Spend: 0.01 BTC

Max Spend: 20 BTC

Referral: 5+3+1%

Windrawal: Automatic

Payment systems: PerfectMoney Bitcoin Payeer Acash

Additional information: whois alexa allhyipmon allhyipmonru 58hyip.com ISP HYIPLogs


Not Paying

Last Paid: Jan-29,2017


At a Glance
Atomic Bitcoin is an automatic investment system based on the ultimately successful, innovative and safe approach to cryptocurrency trading.
Our mission is to be the most successful cryptocurrency company in the world.

High Return
We understand that profitability is a critical key to success.
Our team is able to achieve ultimate returns easily and smoothly
We have developed a truly unique automatic trading system
called Atomic Dreams, which simply blows our competitors
out of the water!

Despite we have proven tools and strategies that have been
tested through market cycles, we are constantly seeking ways
to reinforce safety of clients' funds. Our mission couldn't be clearer -
give you the safest income as possible.

In an open environment lying should never occur. We work
with clients openly, honestly, and adhere to the highest standards
of moral and ethical values and principles. Mistakes and transgressions
are part of being human and are tolerated, covering up mistakes
with lies are not.

We are not afraid to push the boundaries — or to veer from the pack.
We embrace the use of the most modern technologies to improve the quality
of trading programs and algorithms. Every day we strive to push
the boundaries and innovate. We would rather try to change the world
then settle for mediocrity.

We treat our clients as we would like to be treated ourselves.
Our experience shows that if we serve our clients well, our own
success will follow. All of our decisions must be in the best interest
of our investors.

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