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Added: Dec 5th, 2016

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Payment systems: Bitcoin

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Last Paid: Apr-21,2017


Banana Fund is a one-stop solution to creating a business from scratch! Share an idea. We’ll evolve it / fill in the gaps. Fund it. Build it. Run it. And report back to you, for any desired changes you’d like to make, every step of the way. You’ll receive frequent dividends if your project achieves profitability. You can buy/sell your positions on our marketplace in real time. If you want to sell your idea, and walk away at any time - you’re welcome to do that. Alternatively, you can take physical delivery of your business equity. And once your business is fully established, you can graduate it from our system entirely, and take it off into the world. We’re a full service solution! Writing down your idea, and your rules, is all that’s required of our entrepreneurs. And we even make that part easy! Projects Monitoring System - Allhyip.net

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